Friday, 13 July 2012

Benefit Haul!

Hi everyone, today I've been shopping in my town centre not really looking for anything in particular, but I couldn't resist looking at the Benefit counter in House Of Fraser. After um'ing and ah'ing for about ten minutes whether I was actually buying anything, I finally decided to just go for it and buy the products which  I had been wanting for ages/products which I had ran out of.


The first thing I picked up was the 'Porefessional'. I've been using this since Christmas and it had lasted ages. Unfortunately, it ran out last month but luckily I was saved by Glamour Magazine with their Benefit free gifts and I managed to survive with a sample  size until I had enough pennies rolling in to purchase another one. I was really annoyed though because after,  I went in Debenhams and they had their duty free offer on, which meant I could have had £3 off! Oh well I love this product so much that paying full price for it doesn't really bother me. I'm really excited to use this product again because I love it so much! It's probably my favourite item in my makeup bag. Stay tuned for a Porefessional review coming soon!

The Porefessional- Primer/Pore minimizing-  £23.50

The next thing I bought was 'Hoola'. A product which I have been wanting to try out for ages now but I had never  got round to it. So I decided to get it while I'm splashing the cash. I'm really excited to try this and I love the colour.

Hoola- Bronzer- £23.50


Another product I have been itching to try is 'Stay Don't Stray'.  Because I'm sick of my eyeliner/eye shadow smudging all the time and leaving creases! I decided enough is enough and that I need to try this product because I have been lusting after it for ages. I'm Definitely excited to give this ago to see how it works and possibly review it.

Stay Don't Stray- Primer for eye shadows and concealer. -£19.50


The last thing I bought today was 'Big Beautiful Eyes'- eye contour kit. This was my 'I'm going to treat myself product'. I justified this because I thought well I bought a new eye primer so I may as well buy a new eye shadow kit. I'm really looking forward to trying this kit out, because the colours look amazing.

Big Beautiful Eyes- eye contour kit- £24.50

Also, I popped into Superdrug and I was browsing the MUA stand. I picked up this MUA eye shadow pallet. I thought it was great for the price considering how many eye shadows you get with it. I really like the variety of colours with this pallet.

MUA eye shadow pallet in the colour: Heaven and Earth. - £4.00

I hope you enjoyed reading this Benefit haul. I will be reviewing most of these products at some point and I also have another Benefit product to review soon which I bought the other week, so keep an eye out.

Take care and have a nice day!
Concealandcover (Charlotte) x

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