Saturday, 14 July 2012

August Magazines

Hi everyone, yesterday I went out for a meal and afterwards I always take a trip to the Tesco's in the shopping centre, just for a look at the magazines. I spent about 10 minutes just choosing what magazine I was going to buy! Ok, so I admit I went a little mad but I'm just a sucker for the free gifts they give out because I love trying them out and I also read magazines fast and I like having plenty of options to choose from.

I picked up company because it's one of my favourite magazines and I enjoy reading it. There was no free gift with it but that wasn't going to put me off it. I'm really looking forward to looking at the 'nail art goes on holiday' article because I'm really enjoying looking at nail art and designs at the moment, I have no idea why though.

Company: £2

Another magazine I picked up was cosmopolitan, which is another magazine I get almost every issue because I find Cosmo and company are packed full with a lot of interesting stuff because I find some magazines are just full of adverts, I also read Cosmo's website regularly too. Cosmopolitan were giving away a free Misguided Splash nail varnish in these great neon colours for summer (well the none existent British one!). You could either get pink, yellow or orange. I chose orange because I didn't really fancy yellow and I have so many pink nail varnishes! I haven't yet tried it out as I spent ages doing chevron nail art on my nails yesterday but as soon as I take this off my nails I'll be trying it out and posting pictures. My first impressions of this nail varnish is, its quite watery/running which I think suggests that you are going to need a lot of coats of it which is disappointing but I still have to try it out.


Misguided nail varnish usually £5.99  

Cosmopolitan: £3.50

I also buy glamour a lot too (basically I just buy a lot of magazines). Glamour were giving away these Balance Me samples, you could choose from: rose otto intensive lip salve, pure skin face wash, extra care wonder eye cream and balancing face moisturiser. I bought the one with the rose otto intensive lip salve. It smells great, just like roses and it has a really nice constancy not too thick but not too runny just right! Also, you get the full size tube with the magazine which is a bonus (10ml).

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve usually £12 for 10ml


The last magazine I bought was Elle I don't usually buy this magazine but when I saw you got a free St Tropez Gradual tan, I had to have it. I bought the medium- dark colour because I do like my tan a little darker. I've been using this tan since last night and I'm already starting to notice results! There isn't a massive difference but you can't expect to achieve that from a gradual tan in just a day. Also, I really like the scent it has to it, it's sort of like a Moringa scent which is really pleasant to have from a fake tan and not that dreaded awful biscuit smell! I'm really eager to see how this looks after a weeks use then I'll probably do a blog post to show the results and review it. With the magazine you get a 75ml bottle which is perfect for travel size!


St Tropez Everyday Body Moisturiser Gradual Tan: usually £14.50 for 200ml
Elle magazine: £3.90

Also, the Elle A/W runway edit is included with the magazine which I'm really excited to look at.

Have you bought any of these magazines recently? What did you think of them and the products that came with them?

Hope you enjoyed this little magazine blog post, please let me know if you have tried these products and what you think of them:)



  1. I like the St Tropez too, I think you should get the full size bottle as it does develop to a lovely colour! I am a magazine junkie too :-)

    I have put a link to this post on my post I did on august freebies :-)

  2. Thank you so much Kim:) I really enjoy reading your blog I love it!x