Friday, 27 January 2012

January Favorites

Hi everyone! I thought I'd share a few favorites this month as its getting near the end of January.

 I got this Ted Baker body spray in a set for Christmas as I get one every year from my mum. This isn't like the previous Ted Baker sprays I think its a lot more elegant. This spray is gorgeous! Its really light, fresh and flowery, this is perfect for everyday wear at work or school.

 Body Shop's Moringa Body Butter.
I've had the Body Butters before  from The Body Shop but this one is one of my favorites. It smells really flowery and fresh and just gives you that extra wake up for the day ahead! I try to use this at least once a day to keep my skin  moisturised and my skin is so much softer! I suffer from really sensitive skin and bad eczema and I am so pleased to say this didn't irritate my skin!  

Passion Berry Born Lippy lip balm.
Again, another product from Body Shop my lips always get so dried out in these cold months and I always use lip balms. This is probably my favorite lip balm and its such a nice flavor as well! Only £2, can't really go wrong!
OPI: Tickle My France-y
I'm not a big fan of spending a lot of money on one nail varnish, but I got this nail varnish as a gift in a set. This is a really great nude-y colour, perfect for when your in the mood for toned down colours and doesn't chip easily either. 
 Topshop nails in Utilitarian.
Really love this colour, I've worn it loads and I'm really into neutral colours at the moment. I've never bought the nail varnishes from Topshop before but I'll be buying more because they're only £5 each!
17 High gloss in the shade Risky Red. 
Love this colour its really shiny and you only need one coat.

 No7 Lash Adapt mascara. Love this mascara. Looks great even on its own and it gives a perfect volume boost with other mascaras.
 Bourjois Chocolate bronzer. I've had this ages but I re-discovered it the other day and I love it again.

H&M Divided pumps. These were only £9.99 so I had to have them.

Hope you enjoyed this post, comment and request more post or feel free to link me yours.

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