Monday, 27 August 2012

B.right Skincare!

First of all I've been a bad blogger, I have been away from blogging for nearly a month now,I just have been busy looking/applying for jobs most of the time when I'm on my laptop so I got a bit side tracked from blogging.

I bought this a while ago on a bit of a whim really as I wanted to try a new skin care routine, as mine was pretty basic. I was mainly attracted to this set because the products are a small size which made it perfect to try it out without been stuck with a big bottle of something which is only half used (thinking back to the box with all my un-used products). Another thing which attracted me to the  B.right set was the price, I mean £10 for a skincare set? You cant go wrong!

Triple performance facial emulsion-

I really liked this product, it felt really nice on my skin when I applied it in the morning, it made my face feel really refreshed and hydrated,  it also  has a silky feel to it. It was a little runny but not too difficult so it spilt out every time you opened the bottle. The one thing I really don't like about this product is the bottle, while it looks pretty and doesn't look  cheap and tacky, the glass bottle makes it hard to work with. I found it really difficult trying to get the product out it, it would take me around 30 seconds extra just to get it out the bottle which you don't really need when your in a rush. 

Would I buy Triple Performance facial emulsion again this? 
No,  I don't really know why, I just wasn't overly impressed by it.

Total moisture face cream- 

This was a product was a winner for me. I really liked the consistency it was perfect  for the packaging it was in, it allowed you to just scoop out a little bit from the pot which I found really useful and easy. The product itself was really hydrating and felt really nice on my skin as it wasn't too heavy and absorbed quick, which is awful when it doesn't, especially if you're applying it just before bed. 

Would I buy Total Moisture face cream again?
Yes, I really liked this product.

Refined facial polish-

I didn't get on well with this product. The first time I used this product I felt like it had removed all the skin off my face and left it really sore. Despite this, I decided to persevere as I thought it might help my skin. Did i feel like it worked? Yes! weirdly, I felt like it did reduce black heads and a bit of oily-ness, maybe that was due to the fact I felt like  it did properly target my pores as I felt as if it was rubbing my top layer of dead skin off! 

Would I buy Refined facial polish again?
Yes because I felt like it did help, I think I'd just have to grin and bare the pain once a week.

Foaming clean face wash-

Again, I didn't enjoy this product much because it found it too difficult to work with. It has a really thick consistency which makes it hard to get out of the tube and also to apply, you really have to rub it in for ages to get a good lather going or it doesn't feel like its cleaning your face properly. Also, I didn't like the way my face felt after, it felt really sticky like it  hadn't been washed off properly and even felt like that after I washed it again. 

Would I buyFoaming Clean face wash again?
No, because I found it just too difficult to work with.

Its POTENT! eye cream-

The eye cream has a really nice feel to it, its silky and leaves my eye area smooth and hydrated after use. Although I like how it feels, I'm not sure if its really doing anything. It claims to reduce dark circles but I'm not really sure if it has.

Would I buy Its POTENT! eye cream again?
I'm still undecided about this product, as I feel like I need to give it longer to see if it actually works.

Moisture Prep toning lotion-

This was my favourite out off all the B.right skin care set, I'm not saying its new a revelation in the world of toners, but I really liked it. It made my face feel so clean and removed all excess make up and oil so my face was ready for moisturiser. I've unfortunately ran out of it which deeply saddens me:(. I think its down to the glass bottle which doesn't have one of those regulator cap thingys (I have no idea what they are called) which most toners have, to stop it spilling all out at once. Also, this toner like all the other products, has this really pleasant smell to them which is really nice first thing  in the morning.

Would I buy Moisture Prep toning lotion again?
Yes, I really loved it. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the B.right set over all as it was great value for money and some of the items are really great, I recommend just buying the set to try them out because if you don't like them they only work out about £2 each. 

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